Introduction to Nonsense

I think it’s about time I post something in this blog of mine that I’ve created last week in replacement to my old blog that got suspended for violating the terms and services of wordpress, though I don’t know what kind of violation I did, but let’s forget about the past and move on. However from now on I’m gonna be more cautious in posting because I don’t want to lose another blog without any warning.

So for the short introduction. Hello universe! this is the Nonsense Domain Blog owned by me and manage by me the Nonsense Bearer, the title Nonsense Bearer came from a book I read a couple of months ago entitled Zaregoto : The beheading cycle by NisiOisiN, It’s a fantastic book I tell you, if you’re a sucker for crime, thriller and detective stories this book is for you, try reading the synopsis in the web I’m sure you’ll like it and NisiOisiN is great novelist despite the fact that he is a Japanese author and only write in Japanese you won’t feel alienated reading his works, some of his works are already translated in English and got published international. And going back to introduction, so the Nonsense Bearer is the Narrator of the Zaregoto Series and regarding the contents of this blog, I think it would be right if I call this blog an Otaku blog since I’ll be posting stuffs like anime, manga and other things related to otaku culture like my previous blog that got suspended(still bitter about it).

About me the so called author of the Nonsense Domain blog, I’m just an ordinary boy living an ordinary life in an ordinary town somewhere in the Philippines. I love japanese culture, specially the animation and manga industry of japan but I’m not sure about the food because I don’t eat raw fish however I like yakiniku. I’ve been an anime/manga enthusiast for 3 long years now and I’ve been watching anime since I was a little kid and up until now I still watch bunch of anime and read tons of manga but I rarely buy it because it costs a lot here in ph compare to jp however I have few manga that I bought. So what are my favorite anime? I can’t list them all here but I have few in my mind right now like Welcome to the N.H.K, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Full Metal Panic, Bakemonogatari, Durarara and Baccano. If you know a lot on anime I’m sure you’ll notice that almost all of my favorite anime are adapted from novels, you noticed that? now you do, It’s because I also like reading Light Novels from japan that are translated in english by various translators and most of them are in baka-tsuki, it’s a website dedicated in translating Light Novels published in japan.

The purpose of this blog, It’s just the manifestation of my boredom nothing more. I write when I’m bored and sometimes I write when I’m excited about something or when I’m disappointed. Maybe it’s main purpose is to kill time and to express my thoughts.

Maybe I should create another page and post this in the “About” section. Hmm.. that’s a good Idea, I’ll do it later but for now this will suffice.

Later mates!


~ by Parel on May 27, 2012.

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