Fairy Tail Chapter 285 : MPF

Oh my God, Fairy Tail kicks ass!

Using Fairy Glitter in front of so many guilds in Fiore, Fairy Tail sure is showing off. But one thing is, is it really okay to show something like that so early? Well I think it doesn’t really matter now because Mavis gave the permission to use it, I’m pretty sure that Mavis Vermillion hates losing, given the fact that she allow Cana to use such magic and also allowing Jellal to participate in this event knowing that it’s a little bit risky due to Jellal’s status as an escaped prisoner.

And so another great chapter I suppose and I’m guessing that were going to have another badass chapter next week mainly because another badass character will appear and that is Laxus my friend. I like Laxus a lot, even though he’s just a ripoff of Xanxus from KHR or it’s the other way around? I don’t think so, anyway looking forward to the next chapter.

Great job Hiro Mashima! even though I’m not buying your manga I’m still your fan, I enjoy reading it(online). Despite the fact that I’m not supporting you through means of buying your manga, I can still show my support in my own way and that is to enjoy reading your manga.


~ by Parel on June 3, 2012.

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