Anime Wallpaper : Trafalgar Law

I finally got the time to finish it. not too shabby right?. At first I’m not sure where to put the texts, then I decided to make it symmetrical since it’s focal point is at it’s center. I used fractal filters to minimize the noise, since the render isn’t that high quality. the background is pretty simple, nothing special in particular, I tried adding more details in the background but it didn’t look good, that just proves that I suck at it.

One Piece

Trafalgar Law

1440 x 900

here’s a trivia for you.

Law is the first character in the series to give someone the middle finger and one of two, the other being Sanji.


~ by Parel on August 4, 2012.

One Response to “Anime Wallpaper : Trafalgar Law”

  1. Looks brilliant! Love the colours!
    His expression is great.

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