Unfinished : Celty Sturluson of Durarara!!


It’s quite late already, 5:10 am to be exact and I have a class later, but I can’t seem to find the motivation to hit the bed.

Let me tell you why I chose Celty as my next wallpaper. She’s one of my favorite character in Durarara!!, and I think she’s hot even without a head, guess I’m a freak for thinking like that but as like what Shinra said “If expressing my love for Celty makes me a freak, than a freak I shall be. Freakiness too will transform into love.”

This is a simple typography technique that I learned through reading tutorials in the net, It’s actually the simplest type and also the easiest one to make, it’s perfect for a lazy bum like me.

It’s not yet complete coz I don’t know how to finish it >.<

anyway, I would like to thank the Universe for the 170+ views yesterday, hoping that I’ll hit 200+ next time. 🙂

~ by Parel on August 6, 2012.

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