mid or feed

My first non-anime related post. ahaha

so are you the “Mid or Feed” type? or maybe both? ahaha


~ by Parel on January 4, 2013.

8 Responses to “MID OR FEED”

  1. Hi, my name is Fernanda and i’m from Brazil, i reacently creat a website http://midorfeed.com.br and i don’t have a logo yet, googlin it i found your image, i wold like to know if you let me use yours as a logo on my site.

  2. Hi, I’m also a Brazilian guy who foudn your site googleing “mid or feed”;
    Looks like the first guy that asked your image never put the site online and now I would like to do.
    I want to change the “or” to “ou” because the webdomain midorfeed.com.br is already registerd.
    Can I?
    I’ll still put your name in the copyright.

    • this was posted 12days ago, god I forgot to check my blog.

      Fine by me, I respect you for posting here asking for permission first before using it. Thank you for that, Cheers

  3. hi can we use your logo for a shirt? we’d like to reproduce it on a t shirt. if its okay with you. 🙂

    • Just don’t take credits for the design, I really hate it when I see my designs on shirts then an unknown name taking the credits… Like this shirt design website I googled posting my design and then below it is “Designed by Dragone95” Who the fuck is Dragone95. Anyway, that’s just it, I know this was posted 46days ago and I didn’t really regularly check my blog but I do appreciate it if you disclaim the credits for the design.

  4. Can i use some Compose on your design in My T-Shirt ?

    not for all

    pls contract me ty

    • welp I’ve been away for quite a while. As for using my design for a t-shit, It’s okay, but if you’re gonna sell the shirts then I insist that you don’t take the credit for the design, it’s fine to just leave it as anonymous but please don’t take credits for the design. I very much appreciate it.

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