no progress at all

the views per day decreased since SAO lost it’s popularity or probably the best way to put it is when the SAO fever went down, since then I haven’t produced anything worth praising. All I did was those simple shitty wallpapers, I’m thinking of a way to spice things up here a bit but I can’t come up with something. suggestions will help me a lot. or if you have any request. feel free to message me.

anyway, about the last wallpaper I posted. The one with the coded message, I actually used morse code. It’s a code consist of series of dots and lines to produce letters. the coded message in that wallpaper is “FUCK YOU”, check it out for yourself, just google morse code and look for a reference to decode the message.

I already gave the answer, it’s up to you. But for me, it’s fucking awesome.

I’m thinking of making a Shingeki no Kyouji wallpaper but I only watched 2 episodes so far, I don’t have enough resources to use.

`Hackleberry Finn

~ by Parel on April 30, 2013.

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