My own murder recipe

Now this is just a random thought –passing nonsense.

When I was a kid I meticulously devised 10 ways to murder someone. Whether it by accident, poison or long ranged artillery(sling shot –the best artillery I could get at that time). I wrote it all in a notebook I have during my 5th grade in elementary, I was just wondering why I wrote something like that in the first place, I can’t remember my motive, though I’m sure those 10 ways I planned are all quite silly.

Good thing I didn’t manage to pull off those plans, might actually hurt someone if I did manage to carry out such dangerous plans.

Well on second though, it might be fascinating if one day those silly murder plans might actually come true, probably a psychopath manage to get a hold of my old notebook and he got interested on the methods I devised and decided to give them a try, Oh! this could be a fascinating plot for a murder story. It’s like a 20st Century Boys on a smaller scale.

Please excuse my nonsense.


~ by Parel on June 9, 2013.

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