I want him on his murder table.

Do you watch Dexter?

If you do then there’s no need for an explanation. But if you don’t, then.

Dexter is a popular TV series about a vigilante. He’s basically a serial killer but he has his own sense of justice. He only kill bad and despicable people. He follow a set of codes taught to him by his father.

And that person right there is Apollo Quiboloy, leader of a large religious group in PH. He claims to be the messiah or the savior –not that I care about that bullshit. He extort money from his followers to make his own life a luxury. He owns a private plane, helicopter and a mansion, while thousands of his followers are suffering from puberty. He claimed that all of his properties are all given to him by God. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard and those who believed in that are twice as stupid.dexter


~ by Parel on June 15, 2013.

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