The way of the NEET


Few months ago –not quite few actually– to be exact, since April of this year, I started to live the life of a NEET or call it the way of the NEET. Yeah, call it like that, that’s a lot more cooler. I know this sounds pathetic and I am only saying this because I am in fact a NEET but I will say it anyway -who’s gonna stop me, this is my damn blog.

“I didn’t chose the NEET life, the NEET life chose me.”

Truth be told, I am not looking for a job, though certain company kept calling me asking me to submit my resume to them. I turn them all down, saying “I’m not interested”. I’m really not interested at all. One question remain, is there a job that might interest me? The answer is yes. There are quite few actually. I wanted a job that allows me to be near tons of books. Something like a library or a bookstore would be nice. Another thing is, if not books then maybe something I’m good at. I enjoy graphic designing a lot, I would be delighted to have a job where I can showcase my talent and enjoy myself at the same time. Isn’t that the best job? I think it is.

So, right now, I am a NEET. I wake up without a plan on what to do next. I’m rather lucky because I live here in the Philippines. Philippines is the ideal place for NEETs because no matter how old I am, I can still live with my parents and no one would care about it.

I mentioned earlier that a lot of companies are calling me and asking me if I can go have an interview with them, those are all call center agencies. Really, they’re quite annoying. Just because I’m an IT graduate doesn’t mean I’m going to be a call center agent, that’s a common misconception in the nature of my course. Besides, I am a multimedia major so that puts me no where near a call center agent. I am an artist –a digital artist, that is– but still, I refuse to be a call center agent. Not that I have anything against them, really no. They’re doing an admirable job you know. They put up with all those crap the customer giving them and they’re not allowed to have a say about all of that. In other words, call center means putting up with shits.

Right now, all I’m doing is eat then watch whatever the hell I want then eat again if got hungry then sleep and wake up whenever I want. Being NEET is the best.

“I don’t need money, therefore I don’t need a job, so it’s the only NEET thing to do”


~ by Parel on July 13, 2013.

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