This is my design

I kept receiving a lot of messages about taking my designs and making it a logo or a T-shirt or sometimes a banner for a personal website, I really appreciate that you guys took time to ask for my permission first, really I do, It’s just that I’m not regularly online in wordpress so I tend to reply quite late. So here it is. “It’s okay to use my designs as long as you don’t take credits for it” And if you’re planning to make profit by ea. selling printed shirts and whatnot, I don’t care about that, just don’t claim my design as if it’s yours.

My Mid or Feed design is fairly popular, I don’t know why, I think it’s a crappy design but seeing it on some t-shirt designing website and they’re selling the shirts for like 30$ a piece and below each shirts there’s this fucking Dragone95 guy taking the credits for the design. I’m really frustrated to see all that.

Now I’m really mad at cafepress, blatantly taking my design and selling it. BURN IN HELL Dragone95 motherfucker!



~ by Parel on July 23, 2014.

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