Anime Wallpaper : BEPO

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Bepo the polar bear

my newest creating.





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Oh boy.. Oh boy.. I totally forgot about my blog. It’s been like a month or so since I last posted here.

I’m really not that busy –actually, I don’t have anything to do– I just don’t feel like making another wallpaper or posting another nonsense. However, I’m reading a book right now, it’s really an interesting book; Agatha Christie’s The Hollow. It’s a detective story, I won’t spoil anything here just buy the book and read it.

What else?… Let’s see… I made a sample cover for our online magazine and the theme they wanted was 90’s. Oh and btw, it’s Dollars Magazine made by the people of Dollars Groups –a community originated from the anime Durarara!!. It’s a small community actually. here’s the link to the forum

The password is “baccano”

here’s the sample cover

That’s it! see you next time my precious blog.

til we meet again, live long and prosper may the force be with you.

My own Game of Thrones style wallpaper

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house finn

I’m bored, so I created a parody wallpaper from GoT. I can’t think of a good phrase so I just throw some random words.

I’m open for request. just drop a comment and give details 🙂

no progress at all

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the views per day decreased since SAO lost it’s popularity or probably the best way to put it is when the SAO fever went down, since then I haven’t produced anything worth praising. All I did was those simple shitty wallpapers, I’m thinking of a way to spice things up here a bit but I can’t come up with something. suggestions will help me a lot. or if you have any request. feel free to message me.

anyway, about the last wallpaper I posted. The one with the coded message, I actually used morse code. It’s a code consist of series of dots and lines to produce letters. the coded message in that wallpaper is “FUCK YOU”, check it out for yourself, just google morse code and look for a reference to decode the message.

I already gave the answer, it’s up to you. But for me, it’s fucking awesome.

I’m thinking of making a Shingeki no Kyouji wallpaper but I only watched 2 episodes so far, I don’t have enough resources to use.

`Hackleberry Finn


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morse wallpaper

My first ever encrypted wallpaper.

You’re probably wondering why I said encrypted. Yes, this is not an ordinary wallpaper because there is a coded message hidden on those bars and it’s up for you to decode it.

Exciting isn’t it?

I picked up the phrase “SHIT JUST GOT SCIENTIFIC” on a meme based on A Certain Scientific Railgun S’s first episode, when Misaka fired her Railgun to blow the helicopter.

Anime Wallpaper : RIP VAN WINKLE

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rip van winkle rip van winkle

latest work


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Hello there people of planet Earth, It’s been a decade since I last updated my blog, I hope it’s not too late to update and upload a new wallpaper.

Well, the reason for my sudden disappearance is a secret, but sooner or later you will know, it’s just a matter of time.SLICE OF LIFE WALLPAPER

It’s a simple concept, nothing new.