This is my design

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I kept receiving a lot of messages about taking my designs and making it a logo or a T-shirt or sometimes a banner for a personal website, I really appreciate that you guys took time to ask for my permission first, really I do, It’s just that I’m not regularly online in wordpress so I tend to reply quite late. So here it is. “It’s okay to use my designs as long as you don’t take credits for it” And if you’re planning to make profit by ea. selling printed shirts and whatnot, I don’t care about that, just don’t claim my design as if it’s yours.

My Mid or Feed design is fairly popular, I don’t know why, I think it’s a crappy design but seeing it on some t-shirt designing website and they’re selling the shirts for like 30$ a piece and below each shirts there’s this fucking Dragone95 guy taking the credits for the design. I’m really frustrated to see all that.

Now I’m really mad at cafepress, blatantly taking my design and selling it. BURN IN HELL Dragone95 motherfucker!



Movie Wallpaper : Donnie Darko

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Stupid Suit

donnie darko wallpaper

Donnie Darko is one of the most baffling movies I’ve had the pleasure of watching. It’s a mystery sci-fi movie with a tidbits of horror in it.

Boardwalk EMPIRE : Nucky Thompson

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I just started watching Boardwalk Empire. It’s an amazing show so I made a vector art of the anti-hero main character Nucky Thompson played by Steve Buscemi.

nucky tompson vector

The way of the NEET

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Few months ago –not quite few actually– to be exact, since April of this year, I started to live the life of a NEET or call it the way of the NEET. Yeah, call it like that, that’s a lot more cooler. I know this sounds pathetic and I am only saying this because I am in fact a NEET but I will say it anyway -who’s gonna stop me, this is my damn blog.

“I didn’t chose the NEET life, the NEET life chose me.”

Truth be told, I am not looking for a job, though certain company kept calling me asking me to submit my resume to them. I turn them all down, saying “I’m not interested”. I’m really not interested at all. One question remain, is there a job that might interest me? The answer is yes. There are quite few actually. I wanted a job that allows me to be near tons of books. Something like a library or a bookstore would be nice. Another thing is, if not books then maybe something I’m good at. I enjoy graphic designing a lot, I would be delighted to have a job where I can showcase my talent and enjoy myself at the same time. Isn’t that the best job? I think it is.

So, right now, I am a NEET. I wake up without a plan on what to do next. I’m rather lucky because I live here in the Philippines. Philippines is the ideal place for NEETs because no matter how old I am, I can still live with my parents and no one would care about it.

I mentioned earlier that a lot of companies are calling me and asking me if I can go have an interview with them, those are all call center agencies. Really, they’re quite annoying. Just because I’m an IT graduate doesn’t mean I’m going to be a call center agent, that’s a common misconception in the nature of my course. Besides, I am a multimedia major so that puts me no where near a call center agent. I am an artist –a digital artist, that is– but still, I refuse to be a call center agent. Not that I have anything against them, really no. They’re doing an admirable job you know. They put up with all those crap the customer giving them and they’re not allowed to have a say about all of that. In other words, call center means putting up with shits.

Right now, all I’m doing is eat then watch whatever the hell I want then eat again if got hungry then sleep and wake up whenever I want. Being NEET is the best.

“I don’t need money, therefore I don’t need a job, so it’s the only NEET thing to do”

I want him on his murder table.

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Do you watch Dexter?

If you do then there’s no need for an explanation. But if you don’t, then.

Dexter is a popular TV series about a vigilante. He’s basically a serial killer but he has his own sense of justice. He only kill bad and despicable people. He follow a set of codes taught to him by his father.

And that person right there is Apollo Quiboloy, leader of a large religious group in PH. He claims to be the messiah or the savior –not that I care about that bullshit. He extort money from his followers to make his own life a luxury. He owns a private plane, helicopter and a mansion, while thousands of his followers are suffering from puberty. He claimed that all of his properties are all given to him by God. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard and those who believed in that are twice as stupid.dexter

My own murder recipe

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Now this is just a random thought –passing nonsense.

When I was a kid I meticulously devised 10 ways to murder someone. Whether it by accident, poison or long ranged artillery(sling shot –the best artillery I could get at that time). I wrote it all in a notebook I have during my 5th grade in elementary, I was just wondering why I wrote something like that in the first place, I can’t remember my motive, though I’m sure those 10 ways I planned are all quite silly.

Good thing I didn’t manage to pull off those plans, might actually hurt someone if I did manage to carry out such dangerous plans.

Well on second though, it might be fascinating if one day those silly murder plans might actually come true, probably a psychopath manage to get a hold of my old notebook and he got interested on the methods I devised and decided to give them a try, Oh! this could be a fascinating plot for a murder story. It’s like a 20st Century Boys on a smaller scale.

Please excuse my nonsense.

Anime Wallpaper : BEPO v2

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I changed the color of the text and background to match my render.


I’m not actually sure if this is an improved version or not, it’s just a matter of preferences in colors. I like matching colors so I think I like this one better than the first.

What do you think?